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冒險奇兵 TREASURE HUNTER - Every Saturday @19:00WIB @SET TV 三立國際 @SkynindoTV Channel 7

冒險奇兵 [Mao Xian Qi Bing] [Treasure Hunter]  is a variety show hosted by veteran 曾國城 Zeng GuoCheng (Cheng Cheng Ge) and 5566 王仁甫 Zax Wang and broadcast every Saturday night in Indonesia from 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM on SanLih/SETTV. Six celebrities (actors, singers, comedians, and/or models, etc.) guest-star for each episode and are split up into two "teams," 城城隊 Cheng Cheng Dui/Team and 仁甫隊 Zax Wang Team, which are headed up respectively by the two hosts. For each week's episode, they travel to different parts of Taiwan and/or Asia (for example, S. Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, etc.) for a day (or more!) of fun and friendly games and competition. Winning the games requires skill, determination, bravery, teamwork, and... sometimes... even sheer luck! The team with the most accumulated points by the end of the episode wins!

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